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admin May 6, 2022
Updated 2022/05/06 at 2:06 AM
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Working to ensure your online passwords are safe and protected will now be simpler and easier than before due to the new Android upgrade from Google. The company is releasing an update for Chrome for Android that will keep users safe. It will use its Duplex on the Web technology to change any credentials that it thinks have been stolen in an exploit or data breach.

The tool was first made public at Google I/O 2021. It now appears to be available to all Android users around the world. Chrome will show a prompt to the user when it detects a password that it knows has been compromised in a data breach, as discovered by Max Weinbach at Android Police. This pop-up will include the possibility for Google Assistant to automatically change the affected password, with the new feature introduced to the browser’s built-in password manager.

For people who don’t want Chrome to automatically check for a password, they can go to Chrome settings > Passwords, where they can also see the blue Assistant-branded “Change password” button for compromised usernames and passwords. Alternatively, Google Assistant will guide users to the change password page for specific services if they need to change their login information, or it will suggest a secure password. Users can take control of the process at any time, and manual password changes are also possible.

The feature, however, does not work on all websites, and Google hasn’t yet set rules for websites that want to support auto-changing passwords, but it makes sense that the list of sites will keep growing.


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