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admin May 11, 2022
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At the Google I/O, Google announced several updates to Google Maps that includes new immersive view, upgrades to eco-friendly routing and Live View support in third-party apps.

Immersive View

The immersive view will let you experience what a neighborhood, landmark, restaurant or popular venue like you’re right there. This doesn’t use any drone or video, and just uses images to give an immersive experience. This will work in any phone and device. It will roll out starting from Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo later this year with more cities coming soon.

Eco-friendly routing

Eco-friendly routing was introduced in the U.S. and Canada last year, which lets you see and choose the most fuel-efficient route when looking for driving directions — helping you save money on gas. Google said that is on track to double this amount and will expand it to Europe soon.

Since the launch, people have used it to travel 86 billion miles, saving more than an estimated half a million metric tons of carbon emissions — equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off the road, said Google.

Live View now in third-party apps

Live View lets you find your way when walking around, using AR to display helpful arrows and directions right on top of your world. This feature will now be available to developers at no cost with the new ARCore Geospatial API.

Google said that the developers are already using the API to make apps that are even more useful and provide an easy way to interact with both the digital and physical worlds at once. DOCOMO and Curiosity are building a new game that lets you fend off virtual dragons with robot companions in front of iconic Tokyo landmarks, like the Tokyo Tower.

The new Geospatial API is available now to ARCore developers, wherever Street View is available.


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