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admin June 22, 2022
Updated 2022/06/22 at 10:21 AM
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Google News, a news aggregator service, was revamped by the firm today, resulting in a more customizable Google News experience for desktop. The new look will allow users to catch up on the most important news by bringing top stories, local news, and personalized picks as per the user’s interests.

With this announcement, the company also marks the 20th year of the Google News service and reiterates its commitment to working with publishers, governments, and civil society to build a future of news that meets the new ways people look for and consume information.

Firstly, Google has brought the ‘Top Stories’ section to the top of the page, which ensures you catch them easily, and also, the filter button option that has been added will allow you to add multiple locations to your local news section, so you’ll never miss important news about the cities and towns you care about. Also, with the new ‘Your Topics’ section on the homepage, users will be able to customize the topics that appear.

Your Topics section with customizing options

The Fact Check section on the desktop has been expanded to provide more context to the original claim made, along with the fact-checked assessment from independent organizations. Users will also be able to find more information about sources right on Google Search, called “About This Result.” Furthermore, Google also provides extra information about the search results and will allow you to check the source and see what others say about a topic.


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