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admin October 4, 2022
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Google has made a significant step towards accomplishing that vision with upgrades to Matter for Android, Nest devices, and the new and updated Google Home app that was released today. The Google Home app will enhance your smart home experience, whether you only have a few smart lights or are a smart home fanatic with dozens of linked devices.

According to the company, the new app will first be available in public preview so that users can try out the latest features and provide feedback. Today, Google announced Nest Wifi Pro with Wi-Fi 6E.

Fast Pair with Matter

Matter setup and app connection will be built in to billions of Android phones by the end of the year. Smart-light bulb setup may require an engineering degree. Fast Pair makes this plug-and-play. Your Android phone will recognize a Matter device and help you set it up.

  • Google works with major device makers to support as many Matter devices as possible.
  • Google’s smart speakers, screens, and routers can now control Matter devices.
Your home, your way

Google believes personalization is a major principle of the new Google Home app, which is why the Favorites tab is first.

  • Favorites provide a personalized view of devices, actions, and automations. You may also favourite all of your Nest cameras, so you can access live-streaming when the app opens.
  • Spaces unite devices like lights, cameras, thermostats, and network devices for easy access. Next year, Google will add bespoke spaces. You can design an area for your cat that includes pet cams, a feeder, a vacuum, and an air purifier.
  • And the media mini-player lets you see what’s playing. When changing channels, adjust the volume or use the remote.
A better, more familiar, camera experience

Nest makes security cameras easy to operate. Google combined Nest with Google Home. The result is a revamped Nest camera experience for both battery-powered and wired cameras, including the new wired Nest Doorbell debuting today in the U.S. and Canada.

  • The new Nest camera controller allows you to quickly locate key moments and scrub to the last 10 seconds. Machine learning on Nest Cams and Doorbells labels and organizes relevant occurrences by type, such as person, package, vehicle, activity, or animal.
  • Google claims it has focused on providing the ideal camera experience in the Google Home app for our latest Nest cameras and doorbells and will add support for legacy Nest cameras next year.
A helpful, more automated home

Smart devices can accomplish more on their own, but they’re most useful when they operate together, independent of the manufacturer. When the user is away, the compatible lights switch off, the Nest Thermostat goes into Eco Mode, and the smart locks lock.

Google’s new Home app features an automation tab. Expands household routines to include more smart home devices as starts and actions, allowing you to build more accessible, capable, and simple-to-setup automations.
Google plans to release a new script editor at the beginning of next year. It will have more than 100 new features and functions.

Home is everywhere you are

Using your phone to control your house isn’t always handy, like when you’re running and want to adjust the temperature or check in on your Nest cameras from your computer. Google wants to unify your home experience across displays, tablets, phones, TVs, watches, and laptops. So, Google Home is on Wear OS and the Web.

Google Home app for Wear OS

The new Google Home app for Wear OS, which we previewed on the upcoming Google Pixel Watch at Google I/O, will go out this week. All from your wrist, you can switch off lights, control your Nest Thermostat, and more.


In a few weeks, you’ll be able to access all your Nest camera and doorbell feeds on Google Home for the Web. On, you can view live views in full screen, zoom in for additional information, view camera status, and more.

Speaking on the announcement, Anish Kattukaran, Group Product Manager, said,

As we build a more helpful home, we want to thank everyone who’s given us feedback to help us get there. We are listening and are far from done. We appreciate you being on this journey with us, and we’ll continue to focus on getting the experience right. The new app on iOS and Android will be available first to users in our Public Preview program in the next few weeks.

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