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admin May 11, 2022
Updated 2022/05/11 at 8:58 PM
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Google announced AI-powered features for Google Workspace during its I/O presentation on Wednesday, where the company also announced upcoming devices, including the highly anticipated Google Pixel 6a. Machine learning will help summarize the data in Google Workspace apps such as Docs.

Upcoming Google Workspace features

Portrait restore: If you’re in a dimly lit environment or using an aged webcam, Portrait Restore employs Google’s AI technology to improve your video calling experience. The function will automatically increase the quality of the video such that your Google Meet experience is enriched.

Portrait light: This feature lets you control where and how bright the lights are. It uses machine learning to give your video stream “studio-quality lighting.”

De-reverberation: This feature cuts down on echoes in rooms with hard surfaces, making sure that your sound is always loud and clear.

Live sharing: This feature syncs content delivered in a Google Meet call as well as offers participants control over the media. Participants will see and hear what’s going on at the same time, whether they’re at work or at home, sharing or viewing the content.

Automated summaries: Earlier this year, Google released built-in automatic summaries for Google Docs. The company is expanding the auto-summaries capability to Spaces to help users get the gist of lengthy conversations.

Automated transcriptions: Google Workspace will now automatically transcribe Google Meet sessions, so that people who missed meetings can catch up.

Security protection: Google Slides, Docs, and Sheets will receive the same security precautions as Gmail has. Google says that one of the features will warn users before they open a Doc if it has a phishing link or a virus.

Molly McHugh-Johnson, Contributor, The Keyword, Google Workspace, mentioned in a blog post that,

Hybrid work life is…well, one of our many “new normals.” Over the last two years, many of us have gone through various versions of what the office looks like, and these changes have been a significant motivation behind some of our recent updates to Google Workspace. so we’ve been working on finding more ways to use machine learning to fight information overload and keep you feeling productive.


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