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According to new data from the International Data Corporation, India’s traditional PC market grew by 37.7% in the first quarter of 2022. Desktops, laptops, and workstations were all included in the list, said IDC. The desktop category had its first million-plus sales since 3Q 2014, while the notebook category remained the sales driver with 3.1 million units. The resurgence in the government sector fueled consumer demand, and merchants pushed inventories through the channels to keep the market positive.

As per the report, consumers continued to buy PCs for remote study and work, driving up demand. The government segment recovered in Q1 (Jan-Mar). Enterprise and SME purchases climbed 47.2% and 31.7% YoY. In anticipation of supply delays due to Chinese lockdowns, retailers stocked up. Whereas online channels grew 17.5% YoY, offline channels climbed 41.4%. Earlier, IDC released a PC monitor shipment report as well.

Top 5 PC Company Market Highlights: Q1 2022

  • HP Inc: shipped over 1.4 million units and led the PC market with 33.8% in 1Q22. The vendor shipped over 650k consumer units with a 33.2% share in 1Q22. With a 34.3% market share, the commercial quarter was strong.
  • Dell Technologies: Second place with 19.4% and 22.6% YoY growth in 1Q22. While it was ahead of Lenovo in the commercial segment with 24.2%, it was third in the consumer market behind Lenovo. The vendor placed second in the enterprise segment with 31.5%, powered by multinational accounts.
  • Lenovo: In 1Q22, Dell came in third with 17.6% of the market. The vendor grew 20.5% YoY, driven by the commercial category. It shipped approximately 200k units and increased by 37.5% year-on-year.
  • Acer Group: reached fourth place with a 9.8% market share in 1Q22. Strong demand for business desktops drove the vendor’s 75% YoY growth. In its best quarter ever, more than 200k commercial computers were shipped. In business notebooks, the firm saw a 56.3% YoY gain.
  • ASUS: It maintained the fifth position with a share of 6.2% in 1Q22 as it grew by a healthy 58.6%. Seamless supplies and expansion in offline channels helped the brand grow in the consumer segment. It also pushed hard in the commercial segment, where it witnessed a YoY growth of 67.4%.

Commenting on the results, Bharath Shenoy, Senior Market Analyst, PC Devices, IDC India, said,

The consumer segment stayed positive as it witnessed an impressive 27.9% YoY growth. While e-tail channels experienced good traction, the relaxation of COVID-19 related restrictions led to a surge in retail footfall as an increased number of people started buying PCs from offline stores, thereby leading to a strong consumer quarter.

With schools and colleges opening up, vendors are likely to run back-to-school campaigns in Q2, which might extend consumer momentum. However, high inflation and rising device prices may dampen sentiment as consumers delay their purchases.

Commenting on the outlook, Navkendar Singh, Research Director, Client Devices, IDC India said,

While the market continues to see momentum in both the consumer and commercial segments, channel inventory is getting back to pre-pandemic levels. With enterprises opening up and heavy recruiting happening across many sectors, the enterprise segment is expected to stay upbeat in coming quarters. Government and education procurement is also picking up, so the commercial segment might witness high single-digit growth in 2022. However, high inflation is a matter of concern, primarily for SMEs and consumers.


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