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LG has introduced new UltraGear Gaming Monitors with ATW Polarizer Technology, 48-inch OLEDs and 260Hz Refresh Rates. The new UltraGear lineup of gaming monitors include models 32GQ950, 32GQ850, and 48GQ900. The 2022 UltraGear gaming monitors have a brand-new design language, the latest display technology, and a variety of gaming and connection features to meet the needs of gamers.

The 32GQ950 boasts a 4K Nano IPS display with Advanced True Wide (ATW) Polarizer technology for accurate color, whereas the 32GQ850 has a QHD Nano IPS display featuring ATW as well as an ultra-high 240Hz refresh rate, overclocked (O/C) up to 260Hz. The UltraGear brand’s long-awaited first OLED gaming display, the 48GQ900, is also part of the new line-up.

The gaming aesthetic of this year’s LG UltraGear models is even more refined, with sharp, angular stands and the new Hexagon Lighting. LG’s 2022 monitors have the latest HDMI 2.1 connectivity, which enables features such as variable refresh rate (VRR) and support for rapid 4K gaming on PCs and the newest consoles.

And, as one would anticipate, the new UltraGear collection offers stunning picture quality and lightning-fast response time—the two 32-inch models thanks to LG’s revolutionary Nano IPS 1 millisecond Gray-to-Gray (GTG) display technology and the 48GQ900 thanks to a premium, 48-inch LG OLED panel.

LG UltraGear 32GQ950

LG’s UltraGear 32GQ950 is LG’s first 4K model with ATW Polarizer technology, which improves the panel’s ability to provide accurate colours and deep, dark blacks across a wide viewing angle. LG’s 32-inch monitor is VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certified and boasts 1,000 nits of peak brightness, a 98 percent DCI-P3 color gamut, and two HDMI 2.1 connectors.

LG UltraGear 32GQ850

The 32-inch UltraGear 32GQ850 has the highest refresh rate in the new series – 240Hz, O/C 260Hz – as well as a 1ms reaction time. LG’s VESA AdaptiveSync Display-certified monitor has a QHD Nano IPS panel with ATW Polarizer technology for seamless images and uniform color combinations. The 32GQ850 boasts VESA DisplayHDR 600 certification, covers 98% of DCI-P3, and has a three-sided borderless design to immerse gamers in their games.

LG UltraGear 48GQ900

LG UltraGear’s 48GQ900 OLED gaming display. The 48-inch self-emissive 4K display has a 120Hz (O/C 138Hz) refresh rate, a 0.1ms response time, exquisite colour accuracy, and a borderless design. LG’s anti-glare low reflection (AGLR) coating is used on the new model. This coating reduces visual distractions so that users can focus on the game. The 48GQ900 comes with a gamer-friendly remote and a sleek stand that keeps the TV steady without taking up space on a desk or table. Furthermore, this device is a Red Dot and iF Design Award-winning product.

LG’s latest UltraGear gaming monitors feature a 4-pole headphone jack, which allows gamers to speak while they play. The 2022 models also include DTS Headphone: X surround sound, which regenerates every sound in the game.

The LG UltraGear gaming pad and mouse will be available for the first time this year as well. Fast-paced games need precise control, and the UltraGear gaming pad is big enough to hold a mouse and keyboard and has customizable RGB lighting. The pad can be turned over and has a smooth, hard surface for better sliding and a rougher, fabric surface for better stopping. This makes it great for any game or style of play.

Pricing and availability

Beginning this month, the UltraGear gaming monitors will be available for purchase in Japan, followed by North America, Europe, and Asia shortly thereafter. Gaming pad and gaming mouse sold separately in some markets. These are priced starting at $399.99 (Rs. 31,005 approx.), and the pricing for other models should be available during thelocal launch.

Speaking on the launch, Seo Young-jae, senior vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company, said,

The latest LG UltraGear gaming monitors apply cutting-edge technology and design to raise the bar for the gaming display category.

Ideal for both PC and console gaming, our new monitors offer features and capabilities that take the entire gaming experience to the next level. We will continue to solidify the UltraGear brand’s strong reputation with innovative products that put the needs of gamers first.

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