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LG Electronics has launched its 2022 OLED TV line-up in India at “The One & Only” event on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, in the presence of its brand ambassador,  Shahrukh Khan.

At CES 2022, the newest products were praised for their picture quality, performance, and sleek designs. They also promised a seamless experience with fast, immersive visuals. The 2022 OLED line-up introduces the widest range of OLED TVs, from the world’s biggest 246 cm (97) to the world’s first 106 cm (42) OLED TV, perfect for smaller rooms and every gamer who wants to be closer to the action. LG is also introducing the LD OLED evo in their C2 series.

Widest Range of Screen Sizes
  • LG’s new line-up offers the world’s largest range of OLED TV screen sizes, from 106 cm (42) to 246 cm (97).
  • The G2 series’ 139 cm (55) and 164 cm (65) streamlined gallery designs allow flush wall mounting for a sleek, sophisticated look and better spatial integration.
  • LG’s C2 series does have six larger screens for its 2022 lineup. The first 106 cm (42) OLED TV adds to the C2 series’ 246cm (97), 210cm (83), 195cm (77), 164 cm (65), 139 cm (55), 121 cm (48) and 106 cm (42) models.

LG’s new Alpha α9 Gen 5 intelligent processor is used in the new line, which also has its own picture algorithms. The LG OLED evo Gallery Edition 2022 G2 series and the C2 series both have LG’s evo technology, which makes home entertainment better. The new Brightness Booster Max technology makes the G2 series 30% brighter and the C2 series 20% brighter, thanks to the α9 Gen 5’s improved processing ability.

LG OLED TV B2 series
LG α9 Gen 5 Intelligent Processor
  • The G2, C2, and Z2 series all include the new LG α9 Gen 5 processor. The α9 Gen 5’s Dynamic Tone-mapping Pro Algorithm handles over 5,000 spots on the screen to generate a more richly detailed picture across both brighter and darker areas.
  • The α9 Gen 5 AI processor can up-mix 2-channel audio to a simulated 7.1.2 sound, letting you hear sound from above and behind you.
  • The B2 OLED TV series is available in two screen sizes (164cm and (65)-139cm (55)) and the A2 series in three (164 cm (65), 139 cm (55), 121 cm (48)). Both are powered by the company’s self-lit technology, a α7 Gen 5 CPU with Dynamic Tone-mapping, AI Sound Pro, and simulated 5.1.2 surround sound.
LG OLED TV evo G2 series
LG OLED R Rollable TV
  • Upgraded UX: The webOS 22 includes new customisation features, including configurable user profiles that let each household member choose their own apps and entertainment services. The webOS 22 makes it easy to replicate content from one TV to another through Wi-Fi. With Always Ready, the LG TV displays lifestyle and personal content when it’s off (applicable on 2022 models Z2, G2, and C2).
  • Acclaimed Picture Quality: Intertek has certified that the panels used in this year’s lineup have 100% colour accuracy and 100% colour volume. This means that LG OLED TVs in 2022 will accurately show the source’s colour and tone, no matter how bright the room is. The Z2 series 8K OLED TV has 33 million pixels and gives a very immersive experience. This is to make sure that the product line gives users smart features that improve their viewing experience.
  • Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos: LG’s latest OLEDs feature Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail. This new technology enables more Dolby Vision capabilities from Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, and more to transform consumers’ home entertainment rooms into cinema theatres or halls. LG’s α9 Gen5 CPU is used to create an immersive visual experience. LG’s newest OLED TVs have a stereo system with Dolby Atmos® spatial sound that makes the sound feel more real.
  • Optimized for Gaming: LG OLED’s Game Optimizer interface lets gamers swiftly move between features and presets. LG OLED TVs were the first NVIDIA G-SYNC-certified TVs and have led the market since. This feature will let gamers use VRR on supported platforms for tearing-free gameplay.
    LG’s display presets for several gaming genres now include a sports mode, joining FPS, RPG, and RTS. When playing in a dark setting, LG OLEDs can get bright, which might be hard on the eyes. The 2022 LG TV models will include a Dark Room Mode that adjusts picture brightness while retaining game highlights and quality.

Pricing and availability

The pricing range for OLED TVs begins at INR 89,990, while the most expensive Rollable OLED TV costs INR 75,00,000.

All the devices are listed on the LG website and will be available for purchase soon.

Speaking on the launch, Hak Hyun Kim, Director- Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India said,

This year marks 25 years of our commitment to the Indian market, demonstrating our continuous efforts to amalgamate technology and design innovations to meet the evolving needs of our consumers. The unique offerings of our latest lineup demonstrate our perseverance to deliver differentiated user experience and a new way of thinking about our consumer’s home entertainment space while once again confirming LG’s leadership in the premium TV market. OLED TV portfolio is expanded to address various segments of consumers and with our new line up we are confident of strengthening our market leadership in OLED TV.

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