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Vivo has recently launched the style focused S-series in Pakistan with the first smartphone Vivo S1, which aims to capture the attention of youth with its vibrant design and unique features in the mid-range segment.

While the ever-increasing dollar prices and new taxes levied by the government, it made all smartphones expensive in Pakistan and there is a little hope left for people who want to buy a flagship smartphone in a budget.

The Vivo S1 easily passes for a flagship while being offered at almost half the price in Pakistan. This doesn’t mean that you will be getting pop-up cameras or Snapdragon’s latest chipset but having said that the overall performance of Vivo S1 won’t make you ever regret the decision as it’s pretty powerful with a brand new Helio P65 chipset, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of Storage.

Here are the six reasons that we think make the Vivo S1 a perfect purchase for all budget conscious smartphone users in Pakistan.


A Bold & Fresh Design:

For most of the smartphone users, the looks matter a lot. You want people to notice your smartphone when you’re holding it, taking a call or just casually put it on the table. That’s the reason many people here in Pakistan buy the Apple products — they want to show off the logo.

S1 checks all the boxes in terms of appearance and design; the gradient finish on the phone in skyline blue color is something we have only seen on premium phones (with above 1 lac prices).

Furthermore, the Diamond Black version is something unique and the changing shades of blue diamonds are just astonishing to watch and to “show-off” as well.

Despite having a massively big battery, the phone doesn’t feel chunky or chubby and you will immediately notice that it’s something that feels good in hand. It’s a plastic build but looks like glass, so you can drop it on floor having not to worry about glass shattering; but be careful about the scratches.

Super AMOLED Always-on Display:

Most phones in under Rs. 50,000 have the usual IPS displays but this changes with Vivo S1. It uses a Super AMOLED panel that delivers punchy colors and “black” blacks; meaning the pictures and videos look great on your phone. No matter if you’re sitting in a room with dim lights or walking under the scorching sun, you won’t find it difficult to read anything on your phone.

Moreover, the Super AMOLED Display makes it possible to use the Always-on feature, meaning that you can see notifications on your phone without even turning on the display and then there’s a variety of clocks and other animations that can make your phone’s standby screen even more interesting — that without taking much battery juice.

The 6th Generation In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology:

The IDFS has revolutionized the smartphones; gone were the days when there was an ugly button on the front or a grove on the back. Now biometric fingerprint scanners are embedded right under the screen.

Vivo was the first brand in the world to offer this technology in their smartphones and now they just keep getting better. The Vivo S1 uses the sixth-gen IDFS, which works almost the same as a physical fingerprint scanner or may be even faster and more accurate.

Getting an IDFS in an under Rs. 50,000 smartphones are rare and usually they’re not that good. We have already seen a blunder made Samsung, that their IDFS didn’t work that left users in awe while they had to use the pin codes again. But, Vivo shines in this category and this fingerprint scanner is even faster than what we have tested on their flagship V15 Pro.

32MP Selfie Camera:

The Vivo S1 comes with a notch-display, which is the smallest we have ever seen on a phone, it’s not so intrusive; but it is there.

Why there’s a notch — to house a 32MP camera sensor. While a pop-up camera would have added more “awesomeness” to design, the 32MP sensor isn’t so different from the flagship in terms of performance.

The selfies look great, sharp and colorful; with all the detail you’ll need. It has beauty filters, emojis stickers and what not. Vivo smartphones are popular among the young crowd for their extra-ordinary selfie capabilities and this phone is no different — you will get decent selfies no matter what.

AI Triple Rear Cameras:

Selfies are great for fun, but you need something more powerful to shoot the landscapes or a large group of friends. The Vivo S1 is adequately armed in this department as well, by featuring a Triple Rear Camera setup with 16MP main lens, a 2MP depth sensor and an 8MP sensor just to take the wide-angle shots.

The primary sensor has a large f/1.78 aperture which means more light will be captured in each shot, making all your photos vibrant and life like — even in the dark.

The video segment could have used the OIS, however considering the price we can let this one go, but we’re really hoping that Vivo adds EIS in the next software update.

A Massive 4500mAh Battery with Super-Fast Charging:

Vivo has recently showcased their first 5G smartphone that brings world’s fastest 120W Super Flash Charging technology — it juices up a 4000mAh battery in just 13 minutes.

The Vivo S1 also features a fast charging mechanism, but not that fast though. The 18W Dual Engine Quick Charge juices up the phone in almost an hour and the half and you can play with your phone for a couple of days after that.

The battery optimization of resource hungry apps is just great and even if you’re using 4G network while playing games like PUBG Mobile, it is guaranteed that you’ll get along for a day just fine.

S1 is the Super Choice?

Our verdict? Yes! The Vivo S1 is one of the most powerful midrange smartphones we have ever tested. It’s sleek & stylish and provides bang for the buck. The official price for this phone is Rs. 49,999 but you’ll get some discount with a little bargain with the shopkeeper — so that will cost you around Rs. 46,000. It’s a great deal in this price, considering this phone offers local warranty and free replacement as well. So, don’t wait up, buy it today before Vivo’s launches something more awesome.

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