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Telenor Smart 3G Review

Telenor Smart 3G Review


With the release of a smartphone right after the release of its best ever featured phone with smart features with included 3G and with dual cams and built-in apps like social media and Skype the so called “Telenor Easy 3G”, Telenor has blasted another bomb that is going to wrap the survivors with shroud and get them buried in the earth for sure. The device is so called “Telenor Smart 3G” and it is sure gonna rock the market by giving them tough time. Telenor is a big name in Pakistan and there are great many fans of Telenor, which will become a pro point for Telenor releasing Telenor Smart 3G.

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Telenor Smart 3G Review is all about the price, specifications, cons and pros, images for both internal and external interfaces, gadgets and at the end, providing a technical review for the smartphone.


Telenor Smart 3G is a low-end smartphone that has a better design and low specifications, discussed in detail below.


The most adorable thing in this smartphone is the design of the device. Which is very astonishing and attractive from the user’s end and looks quite cool, astounding and surprising with its two way metallic netting on the top edge and low edge putting good impression. This also takes the device with a different look. The back side of the device has a rough and leather like cover with fine stitched like design. Amazing thing is that, the back cover looks exactly like been made of leather but it is made of plastic that has both tastes, looks like leather and is indeed a weightless plastic.


The RAM in the device is just 512MB, which is low and is not gonna fulfill the criteria for large and heavy apps, yet for a low-end phone with price as low as Rs:6000/=, 512MB memory is efficient and much enough to balance the tussle between price and device.


Telenor Smart 3G has a dual core processor with just 1GHz speed. The chip-set is that of Media-Tech with chip-set model MT6572 of 32 Bit. The frequency fluctuates between (low as 598.0 & high as 1001.0) MHz.


The device has 4GB internal storage memory that has been divided in to two, one for System storage and the other for Internal storage. The device also supports micro SD card, if someone is willing to keep huge data.

External Images

Making the external look of Telenor Smart 3G crystal clear, we have snapped shots from all angles to make You clear about the device.

The package contains the following gadgets:

  • Charger
  • USB data cable
  • Headphones
  • Warranty card

Rear Camera

Telenor Smart 3G has a basic 3MP rear camera that can take a shot with (2048*1536 pixels) resolutions. Present at the center at the upper portion on the back side of the smartphone, the camera is supported with an LED flash light. The below image has been taken with the rear camera for Telenor Smart 3G Review.

Telenor Smart 3G Review

Front Camera

The front-facing camera is a basic VGA camera with simple colors and has no other supporting features. With Antutu, it is just shown to be 1.4MP with 1520*912 resolutions. This basic VGA camera can be used for video chat sessions like skype, Facebook video chat, IMO video chat etc.

Telenor Smart 3G Review

Interface Experience

Launched with latest OS of Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and with the latest Android SDK version of 19, the device can easily be forecasted for its better interfaces and smooth shaped icons and latest layouts for every interface. Consult the images below for how are the different shapes and layouts.

The layouts for both key-pads for typing text and for dialing with dial pads are the typical ones as shown in the snapshots below. The third snapshot with its graph shows the duration and performance of battery. It can last for many days, may be weeks with its slight change in the curve in its standby mode.

Bench Marking for Telenor Smart 3G Review

Thanks to Telenor Smart 3G for its support to pass the tests for Antutu and Vellamo and others as I was not expecting a low end phone with just 512MB RAM and a 1GHz dual core processor.

Antutu’s Approach for Telenor Smart 3G Review

Testing the Antutu’s test and making 10624 points over the bench proves it to be a low end phone with top rank in its category. The capacitive screen touch can support up to 2 fingers touch at the same time.

Vellamo’s proximity for Telenor Smart 3G Review

  • Scoring about 1000 for chrome over the web is better achievement from its end.
  • With 1GHz dual core processor, the points obtained by Telenor Smart 3G are better than expectations.
  • With a dual core processor, obtaining 544 points is satisfactory points, which is actually the inter processor core communication inside the cores of processor supported by Telenor Smart 3G.

Comparing Telenor Smart 3G with an International Smartphone

Finding none of the dual core processor contained devices with in the best Qualcomm application’s list, we can note two things.

  • One is that this is the only qualifying dual core processor contained device.
  • Second is that, we have to compare it with a mid-end device for its Browser, Single core as well as Multi-core performance.

GPU Bench Marking for Telenor Smart 3G Review

With GPU Bench Mark, we can check the performance of Graphica Processing Unit (GPU). The device has 480*800 screen resolutions with 240 Density pixels per square inch. The renderer of the device is Mali-400 MP, vender ARM and GPU Version is OpenGL ES 2.0.

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The device takes over 7500 over the bench, that is much much better in the category of low-end smartphones.

Game Addicts

With Telenor Smart 3G, we can play the low-end games with smooth and sharp display. Although we are restricted and couldn’t play the high specs games with heart touching performance and graphics, yet we can enjoy 3G internet along with these types of games with a low price.


A device fitted with 512 MB RAM, 1GHz dual-core processor with 3G support is a low end device with specifications almost equal to that of Samsung Galaxy S2. The main thing is that, you may not get Samsung Galaxy S2 even in the grey market with just RS:6000/= yet you can get a brand new Telenor Smart 3G with full year warranty in that price.

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