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admin June 1, 2022
Updated 2022/06/01 at 2:15 AM
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WhatsApp is reportedly finally working on the ability to edit text messages that have been sent. The company recently introduced the ability to react to to messages with emoji, and is now working on expanding their messaging features with the ability to edit text messages.

This is not the first time WhatsApp has been discovered to be working on an edit feature. Around 5 years ago, WhatsApp started working on it, but dropped it quickly. They have restarted the development of the feature now, and it will likely come in a future update of the app. Other messaging apps such as Telegram have supported the ability to edit messages for many years now.

The feature has popped up in the WhatsApp Beta app for Android, and is expected to roll out to the beta versions of the WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp iOS clients too. The edit feature could have a time window during which users can edit their messages. Although it is unclear whether WhatsApp will show the edit history for a text message. As the feature is in its early stages of development, the timeline for the rollout of the feature is also unclear.


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