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Lately, we’ve been seeing lots of leaks about the upcoming features via beta builds of the app. Some new and upcoming features have been found by WABetaInfo in the latest Google Play Beta Program of the application. Furthermore, WhatsApp has begun a wider rollout of its large file sharing feature. Let’s get deep into all the forthcoming features on this famous instant messaging app. 

Undo deleted message:

To begin, in beta version, WhatsApp is working on the ability to undo deleted messages when using the “delete for me” option. After deleting a message by tapping “delete for me,” as seen in this screenshot, WhatsApp displays a prompt at the bottom of the screen informing you that you could undo the deletion if you made a mistake. You’ll have a few seconds to reverse the process, allowing you to retrieve the message and, if desired, delete it for everyone.

WhatsApp undo deleted message

This is a long-awaited and much-needed feature. Previously, if we tapped “delete for me” instead of “delete for everyone,” we had no other option, which affects users, especially when they share an incorrect message in WhatsApp groups and want to delete it for everyone.
Wider rollout of large file sharing feature:

Secondly, with beta version, WhatsApp is widely rolling out large file sharing up to 2 GB for all users. If you’re eligible, do check how this feature works.

WhatsApp large file sharing

WhatsApp disabled SplashScreen API:

Thirdly, with beta version, the SplashScreen API used on Android 12 to generate the new app launch animation has been disabled, so the original WhatsApp splash screen shows up now. As mentioned, this change can only be seen on WhatsApp applications running on Android 12.

WhatsApp disabled SplashScreen API

Double verification while logging in:

Furthermore, WABetaInfo has also found that WhatsApp is currently working on adding an extra layer of security before logging into an account. When you try to log in with a phone number on a different mobile phone, you need an extra verification code to confirm.

WhatsApp double verification

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